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African Darter


Great White Egret

Striated Heron


Black Heron

Black Heron



White-headed Vulture


Hooded Vulture

Palm-nut Vulture


Black-shouldered Kite

Beaudouin's Snake-eagle



Lizzard Buzzard


Dark Chanting Goshawk

Gabar Goshawk


Tawny Eagle

Martial Eagle


Red-necked Falcon

Lanner Falcon


Egyptian Plover

Senegal Thick-knee


Temminck's Courser

Kittlitz's Plover


Wattled Lapwing

Black-headed Lapwing


Kelp Gull

Grey-headed Gull


Caspian Tern

Lesser Crested Tern


African Green-pigeon

Speckled Pigeon


Senegal Parrot

Violet Turaco


Levaiilant's Cuckoo

Senegal Coucal


Pearl-spotted Owlet

Verreaux's Eagle-owl


Standard-winged Nightjar

Long-tailed Nightjar


African Pygmy-kingfisher

Giant Kingfisher


Pied Kingfisher

Grey-headed Kingfisher


Northern Carmine Bee-eater

Little Bee-eater


Red-throated Bee-eater

White-throated Bee-eater


Blue-bellied Roller

Abyssinian Roller


Abyssinian Ground-hornbill

Western Red-billed Hornbill


African Pied Hornbill

Yellow-fronted Tinkerbird


Bearded Barbet

Veillot's Barbet


Cardinal Woodpecker

Little Green Woodpecker


Red-rumped Swallow

Wire-tailed Swallow


Red-shouldered Cuckoo-shrike

Grey-headed Bristlebill


White-crowned Robin-chat

African Thrush


Senegal Eremolela

African Paradise-flycatcher


Beautiful Sunbird

Variable Sunbird


Yellow-billed Shrike

Common Gonolek


Black-crowned Tchagra

White Helmetshrike


African Golden Oriole

Pied Crow


Fork-tailed Drongo

Long-tailed Glossy-starling


Purple Glossy-starling

Yellow-billed Oxpecker


Red-billed Firefinch

Northern Paradise-whydah

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